Changes in flex policies hope to promote attendance

AP Magadance rocking the cafeteria.
AP Magadance, enforcing the Flex change for Johnson high school.

by Max Rios | staff writer

While in the past students may have seen flex as a 35 minute Sonic break from their school day, new attendance policies at school will help reinforce the importance of this extra period.

“The difference this year is how teachers will take attendance,” Assistant Principal Magadance said. “[Teachers] will have the ability to mark students late for Flex.”

Teachers will now be using the Mainframe database to record students’ attendance in their flex period this year.

“It’s not as easy to go to my teachers when I need help with my work,” Sophomore Julian Rios said.

Students will need to make an effort to be in class on time because 5 minutes after the bell rings students will be counted absent to flex, as well as all other classes.

“The consequences for skipping flex vary depending on the frequency of the behavior,” Magadance said.

The intention of the new flex period attendance policy is not to harm the students but to ensure the flex period will be taken seriously and the school can better account for all students during this thirty five minute time period.

“Administrators will work closely with flex teachers, students, and parents to intervene in appropriate ways to achieve a positive outcome,” Magadance said.

Keeping Johnson’s 97% attendance record isn’t easy in the NEISD area. The school’s administrators will be working hard with students to continue its outstanding rates. As with other classes, flex will also be put towards Johnson’s attendance percentage.

“It has really changed how much time I get to spend working on the important things,” Julian said.

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