Library cafe to open this fall

by Samuel Abbas | staff writer

Students will notice a change this fall, librarian Terri Sanchez will be opening a cafe addition to the library in the month of October. This may raise ideas of a Starbucks atmosphere, one that Johnson students will very soon get to experience.

“The library cafe will open on the estimated date October 1st.The original opening day should have been the beginning of school, so it was delayed. The students will kind of have like a Starbucks atmosphere, so they’ll feel more comfortable here, it’s what they’re used to outside of school,” Sanchez said.

In an attempt to bring more students to the library, Sanchez will be selling coffee such as Newman’s Own and K cup for approximately $1.00 and other nutritious snacks approximately at $.50. The Library will also be allowing drinks with lids so that students can have an energizing drink while studying. This may also allow students who don’t drive to have a calm, quiet place to study.

“When I start to sell the coffee maybe that will bring more attention to the library. I’ll also have some nutritious snacks, not too many because I can’t compete with the vending machines, but yes we will have some.It will help the younger students who don’t drive yet to have the opportunity to have those types of drinks and to have that feel,” Sanchez said.

The library ultimately hopes students will recognize that the environment gives students the opportunity to have a quiet place to work while enjoying hot beverages and snacks.

“If I am in here early in the morning studying, I will probably be open to trying out the cafe and seeing what it’s all about,” junior Justin Holder said.

The proceeds will be going toward future library projects such as purchasing more reading material as well as charging stations for both phones and laptops to make the environment more student friendly.

“It will help to buy many things like the books and the extra technology we need to purchase. We are also going to have laptop stations and some other laptops locked down at the tables, so you don’t have to come ask for a laptop, it will be a lot easier access. I want to eventually have a charging station for the different types of phones, so that students can also charge their phones while working,” Sanchez said.

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