Why you should embrace the prom theme

by Claire Carter | editor-in-chief

Each year a group of hard working junior class officers meet weekly to plan one of the greatests nights of high school: PROM. With the pressures of having great food, awesome music, and a kickin’ theme, this group receives, unfortunately, a lot of hate after revealing the theme.

Last year, the prom theme was revealed to the senior class at an assembly, which resulted in an awkward silence and an uproar of negativity as seen on Twitter and in hallway conversations. The ‘Bluebonnet Ball’ theme featuring southern class was taken as a ‘Hoedown’ with bales of hay and cowboy boots, which was certainly a misinterpretation.

By the end of the night, people were raving about how the ballrooms looked awesome, and ultimately the theme didn’t matter. Even though people thought that the theme would ruin the night, it’s not the look of the ballroom that determines how much fun someone can have.

This year, the prom theme has been announced as “The 20/20 Experience” referring to Justin Timberlake’s recent album. The color theme will be gold, black, and white. And of course-his songs will be played throughout the dance.

My message to those spreading hate on the theme: ‘Cry Me a River.’ And to those wondering what to wear on April 11, I suggest a ‘Suit and Tie.’ So before boycotting the fun, take a look in your ‘Mirrors’ and bring your ‘Summer Love’ as some arm candy because this theme is ‘Not a Bad Thing.’ On the dance floor, students will forget about the decorations, the food, and even the music, enjoy who they’re with, and ‘Take Back the Night.’


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