Brands you’ll see in college

by Payton Gentry| staff writer

Most people live with the conception that college students are broke and dress like it. In reality, many college students still dress to impress. In this day and age however, fraternities and sororities call for their members to dress nicely, though you can still dress preppy in college even if you aren’t in a fraternity or sorority.

In high school, students wear athletic brands like Nike and Adidas but nicer brands like  Polo Ralph Lauren and Sperry top-siders are also very popular from freshmen to seniors.

“I’ve always been a big fan of Polo,” senior Lincoln Lair said. “You can wear it to a nice event or just a casual day with just a t-shirt. Polo is a well respected brand and has been in style for years.”

Besides comfortable running shoes, some of the most popular shoes among high school and even college students are Sperry Top-Siders.

“I’ve worn Sperrys for years. They are some of the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn,” Lair said. “They go with virtually every outfit. They help me achieve the preppy look I like.”

After high school the brands become less mainstream, though classics like Polo never fade from the scene. New brands include Vineyard Vines and Brooks Brothers and J. Crew.

“One of my favorite brands is J. Crew,” senior Hailey Burgess said, “I really like all of their clothes and its easy to put outfits together there. However, they’re pretty expensive, but you can find good outfits in the clearance section of the store.

Vineyard Vines is a very preppy brand originated from the East Coast. They aren’t very well known among high school students, but in college it’s a very popular brand.

Junior Britton Youngblood wears a classic button down Polo shirt
Junior Britton Youngblood wears a classic button down Polo shirt

“I love Vineyard Vines,” Burgess said. “I’m a big fan of their summer clothes and when I feel lazy, I still like to wear a Vineyard Vines long-sleeve shirt. They are very comfortable and come in many different styles.”

However, many college students can’t afford these expensive brands, so they may end up wearing sweatpants and a hoodie; settling for comfort and affordability over style.

“Right now I wear brands like Polo and Brooks Brothers and high end brands like that, but I can see myself just settling for a nice comfortable pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt.” Senior, Austin Cueva said. “I just don’t see myself being able to afford those kind of clothes away from home. My parents have bought the majority of my clothes for me.”

The ‘uniform’ of frats and sororities include wearing boat shoes or riding boots, a collard or button down shirt, long sleeve shirts from well known brands, and all together, they look very put together.

“My brother is in a fraternity at Texas State and I’ve always wanted to join one,” junior, Britton Youngblood said. “He gives me all of his old clothes that don’t fit him and they are all from well respected brands like Polo and Vineyard Vines.”

There are so many different types people at college, especially at major universities. Students become individuals and choose their own path life-wise and fashion-wise.

“I believe when people go off to college they become who they want to be. Either they spend a little extra to look nice or save some money and just go with being comfortable,” Cueva said. “I really believe it depends on the person.”


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