Seniors make it or break it in the annual talent show

by Grey Burrell | staff writer

Every year the senior class is allowed to showcase their wide variety of talents. This year the show takes place on March 30 in the auditorium for the class of 2015.  With a class of 719 people there is bound to be some talent…right?

Auditions begin on Tuesday, March 3 and continue through Wednesday, March 4.

These talent shows have been a tradition since the school opened. With seniors being able to make one last bang before graduation, it is expected that there will be many supporters and many students eager to take the stage.

“Yeah, we’ve heard about the talent show, I’m going to be there actually,” senior Chris Hutchinson said. “I’m not going to perform myself, but I know people that will be in it.”

Joseph Ramirez, another senior said “I have more than one friend that will be performing.” Ramirez continued saying that “they’re going to be auditioning.”

The talent show will be held in the auditorium this year, with students all around eager to audition and hopefully make it to the show.

“The talent show will be held on March 30th…” said Megan Stokes, a key person in the auditions for the talent show. “I’m expecting more students to audition this year.” Stokes also said.

This talent show will showcase all of Johnson’s raw talent, and many are eager to audition and show what they can do.




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