Examining SAT prep strategies before new test released

by Elijah Johns | staff writer

Beginning in March, the revised SAT will be the new college prep exam available to all students. With these changes to the exam being put into place, such as an optional essay and up to three hours and 50 minutes to take the exam, a wave of new courses and prep classes will also follow, including the following:

Kaplan Test Prep

Kaplan Test Prep, being one of the most common SAT classes, offers many different plans and courses. There are four different options for classes; Premium tutoring, Unlimited prep, Classroom plus, and Classroom.

The Premium tutoring offers a “one-on-one instruction at home or online” for $3499. The Unlimited prep allows students to “Take and re-take PSAT, SAT, New SAT, and ACT Prep courses until you achieve the score you need.” This plan only goes for $1499. The Classroom PLUS offers an “18 hour course, with 6 proctored tests.” Starting at only $1199. The last option, and the cheapest, only costs $749 and “Prepare[s] [students] with an expert teacher in a structured classroom setting – in person or live, over the internet.” Being one of the most well recognized SAT courses, Kaplan has a “Higher score or your money back.” This entitles that if you have previously taken the SAT and then taken Kaplan and you scores do not rise, you can a refund on your money.

Huntington Learning Center

Another option is Huntington Learning Center. Offering three different class; Premium Program, 14-Hour Program, and 32-hour program. The Premium Program is “The most thorough program available. The program duration and curriculum is tailored to the student’s personalized needs and goals.”  The 32-hour program “is designed for students with limited time to prepare, while focusing on all subjects.” Finally the 14-hour program is “designed for students with limited time to prepare who want to focus on one subject.” For all of these courses call 1-800-CAN-LEARN for prices and more information.

UTSA Test Prep

UTSA offers an $80 SAT course that “offers intensive one-day SAT intro workshops designed to familiarize students with the SAT and to provide them with the tools they’ll need to succeed on the test.” The classes are held all throughout the month and you can go to https://extended.utsa.edu for more information.

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