A promising prom season

by Courtney Smith | staff writer

Prom season has officially arrived. This means epic prom-posals, hustling to make dinner reservations, saving up to buy tickets, and finding the right dress.

“Macy’s is a great choice for prom,” Melissa Goff, VP of Media Relations for central United States. “We have a vast selection of dresses and tuxedos at incredible prices.”

Variety is a key thing students are looking for. A Facebook page has even been created for girls to “check in” their dress, avoiding the possibility of two girls having the same blue, chiffon dress.

“Every girl posts what their dress is so everyone has an awareness. It doesn’t matter if someone has the same dress, it just shows you if someone else does,” Senior and Facebook page creator, Hannah Godwin, said.

Although similar pages haven’t worked out in the past, this year’s page has had no drama, according to Godwin.

“Everyone has kind of had a different dress, so that helps,” Godwin said.

Luckily for students who want a unique look, there are several options in San Antonio. Popular choices include Macy’s, Shangri-La, David’s Bridal, Gautier, and online shopping. This past weekend, March 26, Macy’s helped other girls through Operation Prom. For every dress purchased that day, they donated a dress as well.

“Key trends for the 2016 prom season are gowns in jewel tones, edgy gowns featuring cut out details as well as mesh cut out details, cropped top with full length skirts, floral patterns, pastels along with black and white gowns,” Goff said.

Although most dress stores have sales and special events around prom season, if you are looking to buy at Shangri-La or Gautier, be prepared to spend some serious cash. The average dress linked on their website is around $175, starting price. David’s Bridal, on the other hand, starts at $99 and are in available in sizes 1-21. Still, there are girls who stray from the stores around Stone Oak.

“I went to Austin and got [my dress],” Godwin said.

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