Students prepare for SAT

by Laura Navarro | staff writer

With multiple ways to prepare for the SAT, students must figure out which is right for them.

“When it comes to preparing for tests or college admission exams like SAT and ACT that is a personal decision for the student,” head counselor Courtney Tarbox said.

Although this may be the case, Dean of English Sheila Richards believes that physically going to a classroom with other students can be more beneficial for students.

“If you have someone with whom you can sit in a room full of other students or one on one then you get not only the instruction, but you’re able then to ask questions, and it’s more personal,” Richards said.

Another option is online classes as well as instructional videos that have become increasingly popular.

“We know that College Board just recently, within the last two years, have now designed a program where they’ve partnered with Khan Academy and when students take the PSAT, the program will individualize that practice to their PSAT results,” Tarbox said.

Online classes allow students with busy schedules to prepare at their own pace. 

“A benefit of doing the online free prep may be that you can do it at any time, at your convenience where[as] there may be prep classes that are only scheduled at certain times and done in a classroom,” Richards said.

For students who cannot pay for classes, there are multiple alternatives. 

“Often times taking a class means that it’s an expense and I know that sometimes that’s hard for students,” Richards said. “Maybe find an adult, like I would never mind if my students came to me for help.”

Counselors want students to know that the district provides SAT prep resources for students that they would normally have to pay for.

“Our district’s guidance department has a wonderful college and career site, and so on that site they have a lot of different options for students for prep,” Tarbox said. “They purchase some subscriptions and free online things for our students. There are a lot more resources available to students now than there have been in the past.”

It all comes down to what’s best for the students. Each person is different and each person has their own way of preparing for the SAT.

“The students know themselves best, so they can decide what they wanna utilize,” Tarbox said.

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