Why no one should post promposal pics this year

by Aleeha Shah | News Editor

As soon as second semester begins, upperclassmen only have one thing on their minds: prom. Most of them spend so much time dreaming about their ‘magical’ night. They will wear the perfect dress, have the perfect date, go to the most perfect restaurant, and overall have the most perfect night. Of course this can only be accomplished if they are asked, which also has to be- you guessed it- perfect. With prom being on April 8th this year, these next few weeks mark prime promposal time.

This is the time when your entire Instagram feed, Twitter feed, Snapchat stories, and maybe even Facebook feed (if anyone even uses that anymore) will be filled with pictures of girls holding signs with cliche and unclever ways of asking them to be someone’s date to prom. These posts are so incredibly annoying and I, along with everyone else who understands how overrated prom is, would appreciate it if this year people refrain from telling the world that so-and-so asked them to prom because frankly you, your date, and your closest friends are probably the only ones who actually care. I get it you’re excited you finally got a date to prom, but there is no need to put it on every social media platform there is. The hundreds of pictures you’ll post on the actual prom night, which is almost as annoying, will be enough.

Another annoying thing about these promposals is the competition that comes with it. Obviously no one will come out and admit it, but if one guy gets his girl of interest a poster, some flowers, and some chocolates and candy, it looks bad if another guy just gets the girl he’s asking a flimsy, generic poster. So, whether anyone will admit it or not, there is a pressure to have the best promposal. If no one were to publicize their promposals in the first place, there would be no “standard” that people feel they need to meet. Without any stress from the pressure of trying to have the best promposal out there, the person asking will be able to have it come more from their minds and heart, rather than looking online for inspiration and making it exactly like everyone else’s.

Overall, I think many people would agree that seeing promposals on every social media they could possible go on gets pretty annoying. No one cares if you were asked through a poster, or were given a pizza. By not posting that on social media, there is less of a need for other people to try and one up you and impress their date more than you impressed yours. So, this year everyone should try a new thing where they keep silent about the way they were asked to prom. It would make me so much less annoyed, along with other people I’m sure, and it will lessen the pressure on people who are thinking about asking someone to be their date. Keep things simple and more importantly keep the promposal to yourselves.

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