Prom tickets: grab em’ while they’re hot

Lauren Loveless | staff writer

However much fun perusing prom dresses and getting a group of friends together is, it means nothing if you don’t purchase a prom ticket. Ticket sales will be going on from March 5 to April 12 and will be available for purchase in Mr. Farias room, A359. The tickets cost $65 per person and must be paid in cash or check.

“We don’t sell tickets at the door, because we have to verify student’s ID numbers and make sure that they are a junior or a senior,” Farias said, “So we make sure that everybody buys them beforehand.”

Along with tickets, students will also have an opportunity to get a free t-shirt for this year’s theme: crimson night.

“We don’t have a cap on the number of tickets we sell, but we do have a limited number of t-shirts,” Farias said.

If you’re planning on inviting someone from outside of school as a date, make sure you give yourself enough time to fill out the mandatory form.

“They have to be invited by a junior or a senior that attends Johnson and so what that student that’s inviting has to do is get a form from the welcome center, fill out the form, and submit it to the main office,” Farias said, “Then an AP will call their parents, verify who it is their bringing-they have to be under the age of 21 years old-and if they reach all those qualifications and they get approval, I get the form and the Johnson student is allowed to buy the ticket for the guest they’re bringing from another school.”

This year’s prom theme is more vague then the years before, however, Farias promises it’ll be just as extravagant.

“Crimson night is basically inspired by the color red, so it’s really the aesthetic and look we’re going for the atmosphere. Our two main colors are red and black, so red sequence, red roses, red light, and that kind of thing,” Farias said, “Some people were confused, but it’s just really a feeling, very vague and open to interpretation.”

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