What I wish I dropped: a senior story

by Lauryn Chavez | staff writer

With seniority comes past experience and regret. When asked if they wished they dropped any classes or if they could’ve chosen different ones every senior had something in mind.

“AP world history, 100 percent,” senior Carey Jedow said.

Jedow explains that she would’ve made some changes in her schedule in the past, now that she’s a senior.

“I probably would have switched pre-calculus and went straight to calculus, or would’ve told myself just to chill out with history. It’s okay to take pre-AP classes I just didn’t. Probably would’ve changed things with my freshman schedule too,” Jedow said. 

Although Pre-Ap and AP classes offer high multipliers, regular classes can be just as beneficial.

“The only change I would make is dropping Pre-AP world history earlier than I did because it definitely hurt my GPA, if I dropped it earlier I would definitely have a lot better GPA. Other than that I don’t think there are many other regrets than I have accept maybe doing all my easier APs my junior year and doing harder APs my senior year, I wish I kind of switched them, those are my only regrets really,” senior Lauren Deleon said.

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