AP test dates on the horizon for 2020

Lauryn Hughes | arts editor

The 2020 school year is set to end at an earlier date, causing other important events such as prom and AP testing dates to shift as well. Testing dates will be set for the 4 though the 15 of May. Preparing for testing in a shorter timeline may be a more difficult task than prior years.

“I’m taking AP Bio, AP US history, AP Art History, and AP English,” junior Claudio Ramos said.

Students are starting to prepare for testing by simply studying what they can.

“Usually the teachers give us these large reviews to take for it. Whenever I took my AP tests freshman year they gave us these large packets to help us study for it. It’s basically just homework and material,” Ramos said.

From attending AP review sessions to reading textbooks to study, there are many ways that students can prepare for AP testing

“There are a lot of different things that students can do when it comes to getting ready for the AP exam,” biology teacher Oscar Velasquez said.

Teachers facilitate review sessions and encourage students to seek review outside of class offerings.

“Come to reviews in the spring when they’re offered by the AP class, get the review books like five steps to five, the different versions of the review books that are out there. The AP board website has a lot of those resources on there as well,” government teacher Michael Griffith said.

Some teachers offer specialized methods to help students study for the tests.

“Well there are a couple of different ways they could attend review sessions that I’m going to have for the AP exam, they could always  buy an external study guide that could always help them out and there’s now a lot of websites like Shmoop that gives them practice for the AP exam. I even have a podcast this year so I’m going to make special podcasts that deal with just reviewing for the AP exam,” Velasquez said.

But the main way that students can prepare for testing is to study everything the teacher says to study.

“For the AP government test you can just study everything I tell you because I’m telling you exactly what’s on there. Then come to my reviews and make sure you’re reading any supplemental material that I tell you too. The AP books will help you,” Griffith said.

Overall students are feeling ready to take on the upcoming AP tests.

“A lot of the teachers here have already prepared us enough,” Ramos said.

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