Course selection underway for next school year

Kahyin Rasher | staff writer

Course selection is coming up next week, Jan. 22. 

Course selection is a simple process where students can pick what courses they want to take next year and can be filled out online or on a course selection sheet. 

“We will be playing a video that explains the whole course selection process and students will be receiving their course cards, graduation requirements, and other information that they need,” Courtney Tarbox, counselor, said.

If students aren’t sure what classes to take, a course fair will be held on Jan. 27. 

“Course fair is a great place for students who don’t know what they’re interested in. They can go and talk with sponsors and students that are in different activities, or in different types of classes that have extracurriculars,” Tarbox said. 

Course selection sheets will be due Jan. 29, and students will be meeting with their counselors in the following weeks during their english classes. 

“So we’ll start with ninth  grade first week of January 27th, then we’ll meet with tenth graders the week of February 4th, and then we’ll meet with eleventh graders the week of February 10th. That’s where we meet with students with their transcript and help them kind of individualized their plans, and see if  they have the classes that they need for next year, ” Tarbox said. 

Course requests can be done on Skyward with both parent and student logins.  

“It will need to be entered into Skyward. So, there is a tile through every student and parent Skyward where they can enter course request.” Tarbox said. 

Ydali Morran has done course selection two times at Johnson. 

“Selecting the courses you want is usually pretty easy. I know you can do it online or on the card, but I usually do it online,” Morran said. 

If students want to change their requests, they have until the end of the year. 

“Students would have till the last day of school, May 28th, to make any changes to their course requests,” Tarbox said. 


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