Senior pursues public speaking, creates foundation

by Eric Martinez | staff writer

It’s been a month since senior Angelica Park has spoken at the March for Life in Washington D.C., an opportunity opened to her because of her past experience in public speaking. 

“It was mainly because of everything on my resume and it was because I had so much experience in being in the public eye. I had so much experience cause of Miss San Antonio Outstanding Teen 2018. At the Voelcker Biomedical Research Academy, I was able to speak at the opening ceremonies and the closing ceremonies at every event that we did,” Parks said.

Parks also sang the national anthem for many sporting events, including for the Spurs.

“My mom sang her whole life. So I got her voice. And then, I don’t know, I love the national anthem. It’s the song that everyone knows and can’t really mess it up. Everyone really kind of just sings with you. I know I can sing so I just sent in myself singing and I just kicked off from there,” Park said.

Parks has been involved in her own foundation called the Happily Ever After Foundation, which has been going for four years.

“I go and bring blankets and toys into the hospital. I’ve raised over $45,000 for pediatric cancer with it. I bring huge custom characters like Olaf and the Minions with me into the hospital. It’s a blast. I love doing that cause you get to bring a smile on a kid’s face who hasn’t smiled in a while,” Parks said.

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