RockerDogz: Revolutionizing Hot Dogs

by Kenneth Rosa | staff writer

Under the umbrella of American cuisine, hotdogs are one of many favored American dishes. They are simple meals that can be found in street venders or can even be cooked at home. However, there is one location, on the Southside of San Antonio, known as RockerDogz Gourmet Street Dogz, a small takeout food stand that gives a new name to street hot dogs. 

photo by Kenneth Rosa

Their menu provides a small variety of hot dog dishes like Bella Bleu, Thai Kickboxer, Monster Hangover Dog, El Sancho Dog and more. I decided to go with the Thai Kickboxer, an all beef dog, with Roma tomato, pickled jalapenos, sweet chili glaze, red cabbage slaw with fresh mint, basil, cilantro, carrot, sesame lime vinaigrette, cucumber and sriracha dots. Normally a hot dog is a simple dish with toppings like ketchup, mustard, coleslaw or mayonnaise (for those who are a little adventurous), however this small establishment has a different take on what a hotdog should be topped with. 

At first glance it looks delicious, and the hot dog itself looked to be perfectly cooked, with an aroma that triggered my taste buds the moment it made contact with my nose. The moment I took the first bite my mouth was filled with an explosion. The juices of the hot dog came flowing out from the meat and the toppings added more to the flavor. The sriracha added a nice kick to finish off the first bite. What was one bite became two, three, four, and with each came a new blast of flavor until I was finally done with my meal. I was left with the desire to have more to have that flavor in my taste buds.

photo by Kenneth Rosa

I left the stand with a new perspective on what defines a hot dog, normally in my own experience a typical hot dog is simplistic and doesn’t require much effort for it’s a small meal to have at gatherings and barbeques, and I wouldn’t think that it would be something that one would go to a restaurant for it. 

However it made me rethink that original thought, it made me rethink what a hot dog should be made with, just to have something that remotely resembles the dish I just had. At that moment I found a new place that I can go to for the perfect hot dog. This would be a place that I would recommend to family and friends. I left RockerDogz with a satisfied appetite and a craving for more. 

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