Student athletes make use of app to plan during pandemic

by Joseph Sweeney | staff writer

Covid-19 has left a lasting impact on athletics programs nationwide. As such, school athletics departments have had to make several changes to how they operate.

“The season has definitely been different than normal, with many new protocols regarding Covid,” varsity soccer player Emma Larson said. “For one thing, I’ve had to adapt to working out with a mask on, which is far from exciting. We have started practice earlier than normal to make up for lost time during the end of last year and summer. I’m still very excited for the season, even with Covid changing it up a bit.”

Student athletes now communicate with their team and coaches online with the SportsYou app. 

The SportsYou app is a sort of social media for our team. Anyone can post information on it, but is mainly used by the coaches to give us needed info regarding practice, Zooms, corona, etc.,” Larson said. “I wouldn’t say the team is ‘relying’ on this app, because we are commencing as we always have been even before Covid, using group chats and such, but the app is definitely a nice way to get info from Coach Stone.”

The app can also be used as a simple messaging tool, allowing for one: one conversations between students.

“The season has been tough trying to organize the incoming freshmen into teams, but luckily everyone on the team is willing to do whatever they can to help out,” Soccer captain Riana Arias said.

At the beginning of the school year, the app was primarily used to schedule Zoom calls between students and coaches, though its usage has been phased back as students return to campus.

“Now that we are back on campus, the app is being used less, being that it was largely used by the coach to inform us about zoom calls, and we don’t do those anymore,” Larson said. “It is still used to post our weekly practice schedule and for the coach to update us on things regarding Covid and the season.”

The app was launched in 2017 as a way for students, parents, and coaches to connect, and it has now found a permanent place with them amidst the pandemic. 

“The Sports You app is a way for our coach to communicate easier and faster with the team and parents,” Arias said. “I believe the team relies on it to be able to talk to everyone and we can look at our schedule for the week and plan ahead rides or when we need to be up in the morning.”

Aside from its use for school, the app can also be utilized by student athletes as a way to chat with old friends and meet new people on your team.

“We have also been able to respond to each other in a joking way, adding something positive [to] our day,” Arias said.

Sports You is available for free on the App store and Google Play, all students need to do to join is create an account and ask for an invitation for your coach’s team.

“I definitely see the team using it more in order to see our game times and who we play so we can mentally prepare for practice and the game,” Arias said. “It’s the best way to reach everyone.”

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