NEISD has updated their mask policy

Katie Barton | staff writer

Gaiters and bandannas are now no longer allowed to be worn as masks inside the school building, according to the new NEISD mask policy.

“Gaiters and bandana’s or sleeves that are really just one layer typically thin layers  indoors, especially in a room for multiple hours doesn’t prevent This spread well enough as opposed to masks,” Principal Gary Comalander said

NEISD’s new mask policy also has some new requirements for face mass. With the new policy your face mask must be fitted to your face and have ear loops to prevent spreading aerosols. Face masks also cannot have a valve attached to the outside, as that releases germs into the air.

“Pretty much any regular mask is going to be an outer layer and an inner layer,” Comalander said.

Though they are no longer permitted inside the building, students may still wear gaiters for outdoor activities. While students are indoors, they will be requires to wear an approved mask. If they don’t they will be sent down to the front office.

“You’re going to be asked to come down and you’re going to be asked if you have a regular mask,” Comalander said. “and if not, you’re going to be asked to come get one from the office”

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