Is “The Charli” drink worth the hype?

by Tala Kamil | staff writer

In September, Tiktok star Charli D’Amelio announced her collab with Dunkin Donuts. 

“For a 16-year-old to be able to collaborate with a company this big is actually really impressive to me. She proved to many people that TikTok wasn’t the only thing she can do,” junior Kahyin Rasher, said.

Because of D’Amelio’s love for iced coffee, her collab aimed to bring iced coffee to a different level.

“Many people think that the drink was a little too sweet but it would only be too sweet for the people who like their coffee bitter. I honestly found it okay,” junior Kaylee Nair said.

I personally have a sweet tooth and like my coffee on the sweet side, so I wouldn’t go for it again myself. 

“I think that this drink could be made at home or even bought at a different store. People who actually are fans of Charli would want to get this drink only because it’s hers when all it contains is coffee, milk, and caramel,” sophomore Xzayah Díaz, said.

It may have its cons, but for people who enjoy iced coffee, the price is definitely worth it.

“For the ones who enjoy a bitter-sweet coffee, $3.19 for an iced coffee with modifications is not that bad. I mean, the drink’s pretty big so for $3.19, I think that’s great,” Rasher said.

Overall, “The Charli” isn’t a bad drink for iced coffee lovers.

“Personally, I am not that big on iced coffee, but because I sort of liked it and that was shocking to me. So yes, I would totally recommend this if you are looking for something not too sweet for a good price,” Nair said.

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