Wrestling season ready for February start date

Rebecca Griffith | staff writer

The 2020-2021 wrestling season will start in February after being postponed in the fall semester. 

“Competitions start the entire month of March, then we have post season, district, regionals, and state in the first three weeks of April,” wrestling coach Lee Miller said.

Boys Wrestling on the Mat
file photo by Victoria Morales

UIL made the decision to postpone the season in the fall.

“They wanted to push things back so that they could make a decision based on football and basketball and the fall sports,” Miller said. “They wanted to see what the trends are and then make their decisions about wrestling.”

Changes have been made to the season including the length of the season and the competitions, which will include condensed tournaments.

“We just found out on Wednesday that UIL has finally said that this is when our season is, so last night our district coaches met so that we can work out our schedule,” Miller said. “They’re restricting how big events are and those are the only tournaments all year long and they’re making them as small as possible.”

Like all other events, precautions like sanitizers and social distancing have also been added to the practices.

“We’ve always had hand sanitizer and skin protectors so we’re not transferring things from one person to another. We’re protecting each other from each other,” Miller said. “The thing that we have to be a little bit more aware of is during breaks, keeping people spaced out instead of bunched up, and things like that.”

Even with all of the safety measures, there are still some concerns.

“Nobody wants to get it, and I think, within reason, we’re doing everything we can to prevent that from happening here, but we can’t help what people do when they go home,” Miller said. “We’re gonna control what we can control in front of us, and I think that’s about all that we can do with sports.”

Everybody is looking forward to the upcoming season, even with all of the new changes.

“It’s been extremely condensed, but we’re glad to have a season,” Miller said.

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