Tickets to sporting events will now be sold all online

by Monica Smith | staff writer

NEISD is now selling all tickets to athletic events online, with the exception of basketball, as the season is already underway.

“With COVID-19 protocols in place and the need to limit capacity it gives us greater control in counting tickets sold so we are able to stay under capacity,” NEISD athletics director Kelly Parker said. “It also limits human contact eliminating in-person ticket sales and handling of cash money.”

If a visitor forgets to buy a ticket at the sporting event, they can still purchase one without the use of cash and instead the use of their phone. At the venue, a banner will be displayed with a QR code, so the visitors can use their camera to scan it. 

“The app is called Ticket Spicket and allows visitors to purchase tickets prior to arrival,” Parker said. “The QR codes will direct people to our website with links for each school, NEISD Athletics, and NEISD Aquatics.”

The new system for purchasing tickets has already started since the beginning of the soccer season and NEISD plans to keep using it. 

“It’s much more efficient and convenient for ticket buyers,” Parker said.  “Adults can buy season passes online, transfer tickets to their child or spouse, and in the future we are looking at possibly having a student all-sports pass as well as an adult all sports-pass.” 

The holding capacity for events remains at 50% and the app will not only make it easier to ensure that limit stays in place but also make social distancing more attainable to the visitors. 

This new system will open up many opportunities for us in the future,” Parker said.


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