The search for Squishmallows

by Chloe Jordan | tech editor

The trend of buying Squishmallows has erupted recently. They are constantly sold out from the entire list of retailers that supply them. 

“I first heard about them from my sister, after when I went to visit her,” senior and Squishmallow collector Erika Warrix said. “She was hunting for this one called Wade the werewolf, and it was around October and we spent a full day just hunting for this one. We did find him eventually, after the fifth Walgreens.” 

Squishmallows are a specific brand of stuffed animals in the form of animals, fruits, plants, and assorted seasonal and holiday-themed plushes, including Halloween, Easter, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas. There are also Disney Squishmallows, including Baby Yoda, Dumbo, and Nemo. 

Collection of Squishmallows
Erika Warrix is a Squishmallow collector. These are a part of her growing collection.

“I got my first one in 2018 when theatre was going to Thespians, and I saw a husky at Five Below and I decided to get one, but I really seriously started collecting early February,” Warrix said.

Squishmallow enthusiasts can find them (occasionally) at Walgreens, Target, Learning Express, Amazon, Costco, Five Below, Walmart, the official Squishmallows website, and more. 

“The first one I got after I discovered what Squishmallows were was a dragon named Dalton in 16 inches,” Warrix said. “And, I was just so excited to get him. He’s super squishy and I love to cuddle with him.”

The Squishmallows most searched for seem to be Belana the cow, Rosie the pig, Ronnie the cow, Miles the dragon, Scarlet the strawberry, Baby Yoda, Wendy the frog, and Stacy the squid. 

“I currently have sixteen Squishmallows,” Warrix said.

Buyers can select from a variety of sizes from the miniature 3.5 inch clip-ons to the massive 24 inch Squishmallows. The other styles of Squishmallows are Flip-A-Mallows, Stackables, Mystery Squad, Hug Mees, Micromallows, and neck pillows.

“My favorite Squishmallow I have is Scarlet the strawberry, because she wants to be a stage manager for theatre, and I’m a stage manager for theatre and I love strawberries,” Warrix said.

The brand behind it all is Kellytoy, which established the brand in 2017; over 500 Squishmallows have been created since then.

“The ones I’m hoping to get next are a chameleon named Kent, Belana the blue cow, and I’m currently refreshing the Squishmallows website trying to get a shark named Gordon. And, I’m looking for one called Matt the manatee,” Warrix said.

3.5 inch clip-ons are priced at around six dollars and 16 inch Squishmallows are usually priced at about 20 dollars. However, people try to sell them on Etsy, Depop, and Mercari for sky-high prices, some being over a hundred dollars.

“It just gives me so much serotonin, like when I’m out hunting and I find the one I’m looking for or I find one online for a pretty good deal,” Warrix said. “It just makes me so happy and excited.”

Many people boast collections of over a hundred Squishmallows, many having to buy extra storage units or having a mountain of them covering their entire bed.

“I honestly really like buying them, because it’s so much fun just kind of growing my collection,” Warrix said.

People often sell or trade their Squishmallows. There are many videos on Tik Tok of people going squish-hunting. People list their ISOs, or in-search ofs, on social media.

“My friend Olivia also collects them and my sister Mallory – she collects them too,” Warrix said.

Squishmallows have gotten so popular, the brand created an entire jingle. The theme song is used in many of the Squishmallow videos. 

“I definitely think they’re worth buying, if you buy them at the retail price they’re sold at and not like fifty bucks, because some people will just clear out shelves and just resell them for hundreds of dollars,” Warrix said. “But, if you buy them for what they normally are, it’s definitely worth the money.”

And so this the Squishmallow craze raises some valid questions. Is the trend a wholesome coping mechanism for young adults or an unhealthy obsession? Is it a complete waste of money or is it a good way to solve loneliness in the midst of a pandemic? Is this the 2021 season of Hoarders? What is so addictive about adorable Squishmallows?

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