Virtual student reflect on decision to stay home

by Kenneth Rosa | staff writer

As the school is beginning to come to a close, many of our students who are still attending classes have felt regretful for remaining at home. 

“Well I was kind of scared about COVID, and also I thought it would be so much easier to stay at home since I would have more time to do my chores,” junior Karen Perdermo said .

Students still virtual felt the difference in their performance within virtual learning and when interacting with teachers online rather than normally interacting with them face to face.

“At the beginning of the school year I was having some issues with my internet so I wasn’t able to go to Zoom tutoring,” Perdermo said.

When it came time for students to decide on whether or not to return to campus, virtual learners had different factors guiding their decision to remain at home. 

“I used to think virtual learning would be harder since you’re not in person learning the new stuff, but now after this year I think the opposite,” Perdermo said. “I wouldn’t have to worry about the weather because I’d stay at home almost all week, I would do my homework faster, I’d have more time to do other things.”

However some students felt that it was more difficult to learn virtually.

“I found that some of the new safety precautions for COVID stressed me out as well as the teacher’s focus is split between in-person and virtual students,” senior Chantell Bolden said. “I have a hard time completing my work and felt that being in class might help.”

Virtual students throughout the year have faced the desire to return to campus.

“I missed me hanging out with my friends all this time, I would say that was what made me want to get back to school,” Perdermo said.

Virtual students regret for being unable to experience school like they once did before COVID, and wished they could return back to campus.

“Well I couldn’t get to know the teachers as well as I used to when I was in person, and I was so shy speaking at the microphone during the zoom. I wished I spoke more with my teachers during virtual classes,” Perdermo said. 

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