Students will not be provided free lunch, breakfast unless they qualify now

by Bella Johnson | staff writer

Since August 2020 all students have been offered free lunch or breakfast as funded by the Food and Drug Administration.

“We used to receive the federal funding for lunches, and now we don’t receive those fundings anymore,” Cafeteria Manager Maria Alonzo said. “So now it reverts back to pre-COVID times.” 

Students can apply for free lunch at the nutrition office.

“They can qualify for the free and reduced lunch by applying through the applications,” Alonzo said.

The menu has also faced changes this year.

“We have a few new recipes including instead of pork steak tacos with corn with corn tortillas, pork steak tacos with flour tortillas,” Alonzo said. “We also have the new buffalo ranch chicken sandwich with pepper jack cheese and also a new pork and macaroni dish.”

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