Spirit Halloween: Target for Goths

by Katie Barton|Editor-In-Cheif

When you dress in an alternative style it can often be difficult to find clothes you like in stores. So for most Alternative people Halloween is their favorite time of year not just because of the creep decoration and the excuse to dress up, but because with Halloween comes the opening of our favorite store: Spirit Halloween. Now most people view Spirit Halloween as just the scarified version of a party city but that’s where they’d be wrong because Spirit Halloween is the ultimate shopping go store for all your spooky, gothic, clothing and accessory needs.

Tights are some of my personal favorite accessories and in my opinion they can really make or break and outfit. I also have a deep love for patterned or ‘fun’ tights. However these can be hard to find in normal everyday stores. That’s where Spirit comes to the rescue. Because they’re technically a Halloween store they have all kinds of tights. From opaque tights in bright and incoming colors to tights with spider webs and skulls on them. This year I bought a pair of bright purple tights and a pair of Steampunk patterned tights. So they quite literally have a pair of tights for everyone.

Now shirts are another item that havea wide variety of. And this year they had shirts from the Steven Rhodes collection which aren’t found in many stores. They also have a lot of corset type tops for a cheaper price than you would find in a Hot Topic or Spencer’s.

To go to their adorable shirts they also have plenty of skirts in every color imaginable. And even better they organize all the skirts by color on a wall so it’s super easy to find exactly the skirt your looking for. Because of their wide selection it’s easy to find things you wouldn’t normally find in a store.

Finally, I present the item most people go for: the accessories. They are the best place to find creepy and disturbing accessories, from blood vial necklaces to sets of pentagram hoopearrings, they have everything a goth person could want.

The only downside of shopping at Spirit Halloween is that it’s only here for a little while and the. It disappears until next Halloween. So that means you gotta go now while it’s open, don’t miss this golden opportunity to find amazing everyday clothes to add just a touch of spookiness into your life. 


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