Popping into Popshelf

by Maddy Lingk | staff writer

Next time you’re passing by the Target, you might want to stop by a little place called Popshelf. Coming from the same company as Dollar General, Popshelf is another store where you can get homewares for a cheap price. Although, you might be surprised to find a colorful, purple interior that’s unique from other dollar stores.

Filled with bright fluorescent lights and rings of royal purple, Popshelf has everything from crafts to food goods. It is also notably very neat and organized; even their markers are organized by color. To the right of the store, customers can find their kid’s section which is filled with stuffed animals and toys, perfect to preoccupy a younger sibling. They also have flower pots, dishes, baskets, and anything else someone might need for their home; along with pastel fake flowers. Since Easter is coming up, they even have themed candy, stuffed animals, and home decor. If you go to the very back you’ll see their market aisles, which have refrigerated drinks and snacks like popcorn and chips. The left of the store has beauty supplies, but further back you can find a section for animal lovers. They offer treats, chew toys, leashes, bowls, and more.

One of the most noticeable and distinguishable features about Popshelf is that it only has self-checkouts, which occupy the center of the store. Employees still roam around the area in case someone might need help, but other than that you do everything yourself. This is perfect for people who might be in a rush or just don’t feel like making small talk with the cashier.

Popshelf is a wonderful new store that is definitely worth checking out. The atmosphere is very friendly and its clean layout is very refreshing; it is much nicer than other dollar stores. It also has an adorable and charming theme that adds to the overall appeal of Popshelf. Anyone who enters most likely won’t leave empty handed.

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