Cozy Days Gallery: the perfect place for cozy stationary

by Katie Barton | Editor-In-Chief

Are you a fan of cute art prints? Do you love having sticky notes, pens, bags, and tape? Then Cozy Days Gallery is an absolutely adorable Stationary shop and Art Gallery that is perfect for you.

When you first walk into the store you will immediately see a whole shelf filled with washi tape in all different designs and colors. Which as a fan of decorating and personalizing cards for my friend, I personally really enjoyed.

To go along with the tape they also have a wide variety of stickers, including stickers from smaller independent artists.

This focus on smaller independent artists is one of my favorite things about this store and brings me to my next part of the store, the ‘Gallery’ part of the name. The entire right and back wall of the store is dedicated to displaying art prints from small artists. 

Imagine like the ‘Artist Alley’ of a comic-con but in a smaller store. They have already wrapped versions of the prints ready to be bought in small buckets underneath the displays.

On the back wall they have a themed wall and the theme changes from time-to-time. When I went, the theme was food. So all the prints on that wall were designs related to food or restaurants.

In the middle of the store there are more stationary items like sticky notes, notepads, and notebooks all of which feature little, usually cute designs to fit with the store’s style. They also havekeychains which I personally love as someone who has about a million key chains on my backpack and purse at all times. Another piece of unique stationary that they carried were wax seal sets in cute themes.

So the next time you want to purchase something cute and sure to brighten your day give Cozy Days Gallery a try. For more information about their shop be sure to follow their instagram.

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