Johnson senior directed will be May 18 and 19

by Katie Barton | Editor-in-Chief

On May 18 and 19, theatre will be showing their annual Senior Directed plays in the Johnson auditorium. There are four different plays you can see and tickets will be five dollars at the door.

“Senior Directed is where four seniors get to put on plays that they get, that they’ve chosen and get to cast it and do rehearsals and essentially be directors,” senior Ellie Eckles said. 

Many senior theatre students apply to be able to do a show but only four get chosen.

“We find specific plays that we want to do, we have to do play analysis, character descriptions, and then we turn those binders into either Thompson or Asterman,” Eckles said. “And they select the four that get chosen.”

Eckles usually works as a Stage Manager in theatre productions and according to her it’s been fun to start being a director. 

“It’s a really fun experience, especially being a stage manager. I’ve seen the directors do rehearsals and how they work, so being able to actually be a director is really Fun,” Eckles said.

Eckles’ show is called ‘The Actors’ and she is directing it with fellow senior Giana Michaud.

“The show is really funny and it’s very relatable,” Eckles said. “It’s kind of sad because it’s about like death, but it also makes death less scary.”

According to Eckles, directing a show on your own has challenges. 

“Probably working with actors who haven’t been in anything before because they don’t know what to expect,” Eckles said. “But our cast is really amazing, so it’s been really easy, thankfully.” 

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