Krueger Fundraiser

Once again we have a fundraiser for Krueger Middle School!

For this one we are selling cookie dough and magazines, and we get some awesome prizes. In your fundraising packet you will receive a small booklet along with an order form and collection envelope. If you fill out at least 7 of the postcards inside, and return the booklet by September 21, you will be entered into a drawing for a Razor Powerwing.

Do you think that you’re too busy to go ask your neighbors to buy items? Just let them know that they can shop online, they just need to go to and enter the school code: 473348 and type your name. There are only two major things you need to remember about selling:

1) Have your parents take the packets to work.

2) Please don’t go door to door for selling, it is not very safe.

I am sure that you are all focused on all the cool prizes that you can get.

Here is a list of the prizes:

1 item: Flying Roach

3 Items: A ticket to the skydunk show with the former “Slam Man” of the spurs

5 Items: A secret toilet that squirts water

10 Items: An autograph session with the Sky Dunk Crew

15 Items: Three Free Dress days: Oct. 11,12, & 13

20 Items: Pizza lunch in a Hummer Limo ( Your Parents MUST Sign a special permission slip.)

Items will be given in early October, so hurry and sell some cookie dough and magazines, so that you can get your hands on some awesome prizes!

The video below goes over some of these things… Mr. Gaines came on our morning announcements for the fundraiser kickoff and explained everything.
[flv: 640 480]

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