Lintero III

Section V

Terror at Nightfall

We got back just in time for nightfall. Ace was gone from the RV, so we went inside to look in Matt’s place. As we came in, it was dark and silent. No light, no whispers, just like when we met him. “Torin, where is Matt?” “I don’t know, and don’t say it, he needs us. He won’t betray us.” “Alright, if you say so.” “I do… wait!” Suddenly, Ace tackled me, pinning me to the ground. “What are you doing!?” I looked and saw Heren at gunpoint by Matt. “Heren! Torin! Thank god, it’s just you. Come quickly. Ace! Sarah! Get Joel in the attic and let’s meet!” “What happened Matt?” I asked, puzzled by the defensive setup. “Give me the camera.” “No, not until you tell us what is going on.” “Fine, come with me to the computer room.”


We headed upstairs, to the said room, and sat down in chairs at a round table, the same one from when we first met Matt. “Alright, the camera please.” I gave it to Matt, he plugged it in and pulled up the files. “You’re not going to like it, Matt. Sorry about it.” “Okay…” He opened it and was shocked. Not just photos, but videos too. “No… no… NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” Matt screamed so loud we had to cover our ears. “I have been waiting for the day we got out of this, ever since this started. No two armies will stop me from leaving.” “Matt, chill out. What were those troops and vehicles anyway?” Heren tried to calm Matt down. “Tanks. Tanks and soldiers with assault rifles, a couple machine guns, rocket launchers two tanks and three armored personnel carriers, guarded by the Anti Aircraft tank in the center. And the worst part is… the flag. It’s North Korean.” We all went silent. Joel finally sighed, “Well, I guess this is the end. We have the US army and North Korean armies involved, and the world is in chaos.” “No…” Sarah sobbed. Her tears made her face shine like nothing I had ever seen before. Something in me snapped. Something made me want to take action. “We will not give up. Joel, how many arrows do you have?” “Half a quiver, so 15?” “Ok. Make sure it’s in good shape. Heren, Take this.” I gave her a titanium bat. ”Use this if needed. You know how to swing, right?” “Yes, but I… can’t kill.” I looked at her, a bit curious. “Why not?” “When I was 3, I had a piglet that I rescued. I named him Garry. When he got old enough, my father killed him in my sleep, and served us bacon the next day. I found it odd that he was gone, and it took me a year to piece it together. I promised I wouldn’t kill anything I cared about or anyone.” “Then take this.” I took the bat from her and gave her a can of Mace. “Now you’re only incapacitating them.” She laughed, and then hugged me. “Thank you Torin. It’s like Christmas!” Ace took the bat. “Little league player. This is gonna be great.” “Tomorrow. It’s 11:36. To bed.”  I said. We all laughed at that, and headed to the RV. But something wasn’t right. “Did anyone leave the door open?” Approaching it carefully, I saw what I was afraid of. They had come. They were still here. The army was on to us.


Section VI

Endurance Trials

“Look, there is no time for this. Torin, just listen to me. It’s the only way to survive. Sarah, take this megaphone and head to the attic. Only talk if they say to come out or they are coming in. Keep them occupied. But whatever you do, don’t hit the red button. The noise will attract any infected within a 5 mile radius. Alright, as for everyone else, grab things in this order: First Aid, water, firestarters, weapons, clothing, food, maps, and then everything else. Let’s move and get it done, except Joel. I have a separate job for you and me.” “Okay Matt, but after this we need to talk.” “Fine, but, also go get the camera. If you don’t hear one of us for more than 5 minutes, go into the woods, and go in deep. Find a place for camp, then we will find you.” “Got it. Alright, pack it up people!” I have no idea why Matt was so strict, but I didn’t want to question now. I watched as Matt and Joel went around the corner, but they came back shortly after with lots of weapons.


“Whoa…” I was shocked. Matt was shouting orders while still doing this. “Everyone take an M-9 and 3 mags. Heren, I know you don’t want to kill. But, if someone throws you on the ground and is forcing you into handcuffs, that’s when you have to shoot them, okay? Just take it for emergencies.” “Okay, I will.” “Alright, Joel, let’s go.” I then turned around and said “Load your guns. We’re going in. Sarah, when I give the mark, push the button. Not before, not after, when I say ‘now’.” She nodded. “ Ace, you need to remember back to when you were 6, and you were left on the field. Use that anger and skill to destroy their heads.” Ace was an amazing baseball player, but he was a bit of a quiet guy. He got left on a baseball field after the championship games where he had gotten the grand slam that made his team, the “Dodgers”, win. “Roger.” “And Heren…” Her eyes were so beautiful in the moonlight. “ She cried into my arm. She was only a girl, a young woman, fighting for her life. I held her tenderly, a sense of maturity rushing through my blood and mind. When she finished, she dried her tears, and replied with, “Ready to go.”


We swept behind the RV,  making little sound. The wind was blowing, so we were under some sound cover. A military knife, serrated on the inside edge and sharp on the other, was on the ground. It looked as if it had been used to kill something. ”Rabbit fur.” I whispered. As I picked out the fur, I heard a cry. A girl’s cry. She sounded like she was being attacked and taken away. I picked up the knife and ran to the scream.  Then I saw her. She was wearing a golden dress, heels, and a sapphire necklace that looked very expensive. She was being assaulted and was being forced into a van. I ran for her. I didn’t see the tasers.


In an instant, I was on the ground, electricity coursing through me. Racking in pain and twitching, I yelled, “Now!” The siren went off, and I heard a shot fired. Groans and grunts came from the south. I was still recovering, when Ace picked me up and ran with me in his arms. I was super thin, with the rations so meager. We all headed to the woods. I then passed out.

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