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When one hears the word ‘freshman’, it is more than likely that the first thing that

comes to mind is ninth grade students who are often belligerent, yet somehow

charming. Although some may see this classification valid, these individuals may

want to consider that, maybe, new teachers and coaches could be labeled as

‘freshman’, as well. One of these new teachers is Sandy Stanley. Stanley is the new

varsity tennis head coach and English III teacher. Last year, she was a member of

the Reagan staff, but once she heard of the vacant position here at Mac, she

jumped at it.

Coach Sandy Stanley

” The opportunity to coach a young, developing team was very

enticing,” Stanley said.

Stanley also realizes, though, that the road to victory will not be obstacle free.

“[Our biggest competition this year will be] Johnson because,

similar to us, they have a young and developing team,” she said.

More than just becoming the new tennis coach, Stanley is very excited to be teaching English III as well.

“The ability to teach advanced kids in their exit year [is something I look forward to],” Stanley said.

As for her plans this year; “All I’ve ever wanted to do is read books and play tennis, you can quote me on that,” Stanley said.

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