Rowdy Row: No Silence Allowed

A MacArthur Tradition

At every football game, the lowest sections of the bleachers is deemed “loud, spirited, fun and cute” by senior Adriana Nelson. As creator of this year’s “Rowdy Row” shirts, she explains how this area has become part of Mac’s football tradition over the last few years: “Rowdy Row started with a few girls showing up with matching T-shirts to the very front row of the game. Since then, it became very exclusive- but now, it includes everyone. The right name would be “Rowdy Bleachers” but it’ll just stay for tradition.”


Best seats in the house

Other than the obvious front of the line seats, this section has a multitude of reasons it attracts such a large following. Zach Roberts, sophomore, says “it helps you get into the intensity of the game! It’s a lot more exciting when you’re there.” Another perk received by the students sitting in Rowdy Row is the encouragement to get loud. Cailee Jo Whitefield says “I like to do the manlier cheers. It’s just so thrilling to be on the front lines… we’re just there to have a great time!” The administration agrees, Mrs. Debbie Howell, a member of MacArthur’s administrative staff, says “Rowdy Row is awesome, the fans make the game, it’s so great that they enjoy supporting our team.”

Rowdy Row fans cheering at the M&M bowl

“There are rules!”

Rowdy regular Kristen Rehkopf, senior, says that there are rules to being a part of this otherwise unruly crowd. “You have to be completely into the game and respect all the players.” Rehkopf then provides a cautionary statement for the underclassmen: “You must be at least a Junior or Senior!”

To avoid the embarrassment that comes along with not knowing the words to the school song, we’ve provided this link: MacArthur School Song


What to Expect

Junior Nick Ruiz “loves the energy and intensity” to such an extent that he’s painted his face for almost every game. “This Saturday, I might paint my hair! It would be the first time I’ve ever done that. I’ll wear my Rowdy Row shirt and assert my superiority to Ben [Hearn].” His ongoing feud with Ben Hearn began earlier this season when Hearn was selected as “Fan of the Week”. This weekend, he says, “There will be no competition. I am clearly superior.”

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