The Redemption of Michael Vick

December 11, 2007: The day Michael Vick was convicted of dogfighting charges and sentenced to 23 months in prison.

November 15, 2010: The day Michael Vick gave one of the most remarkable performances on an NFL field ever.

This whirlwind train ride that has been Michael Vick’s career has been on the upside recently, as he is currently playing like an NFL MVP candidate. 1691 total yards, 15 total touchdowns, and a league-leading 115.1 passer rating in just 6 games are definitely MVP-like numbers, yet he still doesn’t seem to get the recognition he has definitely earned.

People still only think of his troubled past when they hear his name. It is definitely understandable that people are still offended by what he has done, but let the man glow in some of the fame he has strived so hard to receive. If you think that he didn’t spend enough time incarcerated, don’t blame Vick, blame the jury and judge that sentenced him to that time.

After nearly two years in federal prison, Vick was signed by the Philadelphia Eagles in 2009 with, what seemed like, a new mindset. He was much quieter and just did what he needed to do – work. Vick was only used as a Wildcat/Option player in the 2009 season, but after the Eagles traded away Donovon McNabb this past off-season, he was supposed to be the backup quarterback, sitting behind Kevin Kolb on the depth chart. In week two of the NFL season, Kolb suffered a concussion and Vick was given the reigns of the team. Suffice it to say, he played extraordinary. The Eagles are 5-0 when Vick starts and finishes a game, and he is now the clear starter of a playoff-bound team. Not bad for someone who was looked at as nothing more than a ticket-sales booster just last year.

In one of the comeback stories for the ages, Michael Vick’s transformation from hated villain to MVP candidate has been remarkable, and it’s not over yet. He has recreated his image and is likely to receive a new contract after this year, whether that be an extension from the Eagles or a brand new contract from one of the many quarterback-deprived teams in the league. I can already imagine myself ten years from now watching an award-winning documentary on his amazing story.

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  1. I agree. Vick put his past behind him and is back in the professional football mindset.

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