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It’s an all too common phenomenon; you get up in the morning, ┬áready to eat, only to find that breakfast isn’t ready and you’re too tired to cook it. Or you’re heading home from church and you don’t feel like cooking when you get home. Well don’t worry, the Egg & I has got you covered.

This delightful chain of restaurants from Colorado specializes in delicious breakfast food, which, true to its name, focuses on eggs and egg dishes. They also cook lunch, but are not open for dinner. ┬áIf you’re driving around in the evening and get hit with a craving for bacon and scrambled eggs, you’re going to have to go to IHOP. This lack of flexibility is made up for by the quality of the meals.

A personal favorite of mine is the Parisian Benedict, a croissant with ham, portabella mushrooms, and Swiss cheese topped with two poached eggs, hollandaise sauce (which, for those who don’t know, is a mixture of egg yolk and butter, and is a bit of an acquired taste), and green onions. If you’re not a big fan of Eggs Benedict, I recommend the Colorado Jack scramble; a mix of diced ham, green peppers, diced tomatoes and onions scrambled with eggs and slathered with pepper jack cheese and green onions.

For lunch, the Egg & I serves a variety of sandwiches, salads and soups. They’re all very good, especially the Reuben sandwich, but pale compared to the entrees on the breakfast menu.

If you’re looking for the perfect breakfast, you could do worse than checking out the Egg & I. With five locations in San Antonio, no matter where you live, there’s one (or two) within reasonable distance.

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