Egypt: “I Wouldn’t Mind Being A Part Of It”

"HEY, We're a peaceful people!"-Jamel Aloumari and Bella Mina Photo by Estefania Lamas

The Situation

A revolution is in front of us. What the Americas experienced from colonization to democratic freedom onward is what has become the reality in Egypt, with protesters attempting to overthrow President Hosni Mubarak and “dissidents” marching through the streets professing their disdain at the current political climate and snubbing the “democratic” government.

“It is a revolution in its own way… That’s all I’m praying for, that it stays peaceful,” says Jamel Aloumari, senior.

With growing concerns over what is now being called the “Egypt Situation”, our community, an ocean away, is also affected.

Aloumari moved to San Antonio this past summer from Cairo, the main protest site. “I feel really lucky that I got the chance to move. If I had stayed there, it would be really bad. My step-dad is freaking out, and my mom is worried about our family members,” Aloumari said.

Although the numbers of reasons to fear this “revolution” are rising (i.e. violent protests and extremist groups attempting to overthrow Mubarak and take control of the government), Aloumari remains brave. “I wouldn’t mind being a part of it,” he said.

Isabella Mina, sophomore, is a first generation descendant to Egyptian parents. “My family’s scared, they’re hoping for the best, but they’re still “playing it safe”. [The fear is] mainly from my little cousins that live in Alexandria. At least everything is starting to open up again,” Mina said.

A Modern 1776


Demonstration in Cairo Photo by Goran Tomasevic

Despite increasingly high levels of media attention, the situation is “largely confined to the outskirts of Cairo,” Aloumari said. “The news agencies are over-exaggerating the situation,” he continues, “although my friend ‘BBM-ed’  (Blackberry Messenger-ed) me and told me that there was a tank outside his house…”

A “Virtual March of Millions” on Facebook is allowing millions across the world to unite over the World Wide Web to consolidate their support. “More demonstrations are necessary to relay the message,” Aloumari said.  With rising demonstrations in Jordan and Tunisia, and rumors buzzing of more “pro-democracy” protests rising in other Middle Eastern countries, the world continues to watch a modern day 1776 unfold.

Facebook: A Virtual March of Millions

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