Bring on Spring!

Blossoming flowers! Photo by. Helen Downs

Spring is where  color comes back alive and the weather stays at a comfortable temperature. It’s the time to tuck away  winter slums and bring out some color and fun. Most of the students here at MacArthur would agree that spring is the time of year where everything feels like a new beginning. New relationships start, while others get resolved. New goals take effect, seniors look forward to graduation, and the most fun of them all… Spring Break! This season brings forward a whole new atmosphere full of sunshine and the establishment of more high school memories.

As the last of the winter winds and the grey clouds diminish, the spring air comes with a significant amount of brightness. Everybody seems to come out of hibernation and enjoy the freshness of the outdoors.

“The cool weather, being outside with friends, going to the parks,taking pictures all over downtown, and riding bikes. [That is what] springtime is about”, Larry Lepovitz, junior, said.

Spring’s the season leading into summer, but before the scolding summer sun makes its entrance, it gives us all a chance to enjoy the time we have with the perfect weather, the numerous amount of colors surrounding the landscape, and the great amount of merriness from everyone. Spring is just… perfect.

“It’s the time to start bringing out all of the cute clothes, sandals, and all the guys and girls get all twitterpatted like Bambi,” Mali Lopez, junior, said.

Say good-bye to the undecisive winter and hello to the fresh air of spring. Bring it on spring, because we have all been waiting for your presence!

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About Helen Downs

Hi, my name is Helen Downs and I am a junior here at Mac. I am on the Varsity swim team and enjoying writing,drinking tea, and watching movies.

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