Summer Sweat

Taylor Pena Being All Entertaining and What Not photo by Renee Cornue

The heat of summer blares down on teenage skin like rain on the Sahara. We take it in, allowing rays of light to embrace us. After all, school is over and the worries of exams and grades are now gone.

However, for some that means job hunting. After various applications and interviews, I finally found the job that’s right for me, Fiesta Texas Entertainer.

As my very first job, I get to dance around in Super Woman outfits, or my usual daisy dukes and plaid button down for the country shows. Honestly, I didn’t think that I’d get such an elite job with so many others more qualified than myself, but I did. Imagining what it’d be like working for the most visited amusement park in Texas, I lay out my prediction for my upcoming future.

Summer entails a phenotypic change to my skin color, endless days where I sweat my body heat out into a spandex costume, and firework filled nights. Some job-searchers might envy my luck, but I assure you, hours upon hours roaming the Six Flags ground for no apparent reason might leave me too exhausted to hang out with my own friends.

On the other hand, school isn’t over for me yet. I still have the absolutely grueling 14 day summer course of Healthy Lifestyles to conquer. Joy. Not only do I get to run around a huge park all day, snapping pictures and dancing like a fool, but I also get to run laps, have the infamous “talk,” and study for more projects.

This summer seems more like a mandatory obligation rather than chill time with the people I love.

Please stop by to see me making a fool of myself at Six Flags Fiesta Texas; otherwise, I might drown myself in sweat and stress these next two months.

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I'm Taylor. I am a freshmen at Mac. Writing is more than a hobby for me. I love to sing and dance. Tea is my addiction.

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