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In the world of Scenario-paintball there are many different markers that all offer various features, but which one is really the best? In this article, the Tippmann X7 Phenom, Rap4 Xpower, Tippmann/US Army project salvo, BT TM-15, and Tiberius Arms T9 Rifle will all be compared to see which one comes out on top.

Tippmann X7 Phenom:

The Phenom is the newest version of Tippmann’s X7 line of paintball markers. These markers are famous for their ability to be customized to look like just about any real firearm, if the appropriate upgrade pack is purchased.

“I was really impressed with the fact that you can customize it however you want, it seemed like a good gun,” Jared Mayfield, senior, said.

The X7 will cost from $300 on up, depending on how you customize it.

Rap4 Xpower: Rap4 is the only company in the world that offers a magazine-fed marker. This makes it a little on the more expensive side, usually around $500, but the marker is nothing short of amazing and worth the price.

“This marker is very air efficient, and it is also very intimidating, which helps to affect the enemies’ moral,” David Gonzales, senior, said.

Tippmann/US Army Project Salvo: This marker has many features, but in short, it is very accurate and customizable, and all for just $140. The price makes this marker a good choice for someone looking for a marker that will grow with them.

BT TM-15: The TM-15, made by BT (Battle Tested) or (Ben Tippmann), was voted the number one mil-sim marker, for the year 2010, by several critics, including Zephyr paintball. Its extensive list of features includes:

  • High Performance, Ultra Strong, Lightweight Magnesium Body
  • True Electropneumatic Operating System
  • Multiple Firing Modes: Semi/PSP/NXL/Millennium
  • Multiple Picatinny Rails Allow for Extra Accessories
  • Quick-Change Battery in the Removable Magazine
  • Low Pressure Operation (200psi)
  • No External Hoses; Internal Airline Operation

These markers start at a price of about $500 for the basic package. Pricey yes, but a better marker in all categories, including strength, stealth, personalization, performance, and durability, that you won’t find anywhere else.

Tiberius Arms T9 Rifle: Tiberius Arms makes a couple of different markers, but the one that really stands out is their T9 Rifle. This is the true sniper rifle for Scenario and Woods-ball players. It is magazine-fed with a 9 round clip which can be upgraded to hold First-Strike rounds, which are rounds shaped to travel longer distances with greater accuracy. A typical T9 will cost around $450, with each upgrade and extra magazine adding to the cost, so snipers should save up for this marker in order to increase their efficiency.

The answer for the question of who has the best scenario marker really depends on your player preference. If you are a sniper, you might like the Tiberius Arms rifle, or the Project Salvo. If you are a commander or special-ops player, then you might like the X7, TM-15, or RAP4. There is no definite best, just guidelines for play.

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