Super Heroes Take Flight and the ’80s Make a Comeback

Adam Giles (11) photo by and photoshopped by Patty Zaragoza


Adam Giles (11) photo by and photoshopped by Patty Zaragoza
Adam Giles (11) digital artwork by Patty Zaragoza

Monday October 17 was the beginning of Homecoming Spirit week. Kids from every grade dressed up in their best Super Hero fashions, from Superman T-shirts to Green Lantern costumes. Junior Adam Giles stood out, not only with his Super hero garb, but also with pose and prominent school spirit…way to go Adam!



Blake Johnson (11) photo by Patty Zaragoza

Tuesday October 18, the student body dressed up in their best ’80s attires. Blake Johnson, junior, donned fishnet leggings, lace up style boots, a tight royal blue skirt, fuchsia tank top, with acid-washed jean jacket draped over, and multiple sets of jewelry including rings, earrings, and long necklaces.

As for the rest of the week, wear your best spirit garments in order to make it to the Brahma Tales website.


Wednesday, October 19th- Fiesta Dress.

Thursday, October 20th- Dress like a teacher at Mac.

Friday- Mac Spirit! Wear blue and white and show off your mums.

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