Singing Your Broken Heart Out – Coffeehouse

February is usually a month where a thick cloud of love looms over everybody, and society shows their appreciation for the individuals in their life with things like gifts, candy, cards, and other things. There are always those who didn’t have a very good Valentines Day, are sick with the constant acts of love this month, or those who have been hurt by people they care deeply about. Usually it’s hard to find an escape form all the love in the air, but Bulleye is helping heartbroken, and angered teens relieve the tensions they have built up at their Love Stinks Coffee house.

The Coffee house will be on February 16th and will start at 6:45

“It’s two days after Valentines Day so we figure the love will have worn off,” Andrew Arnatt the teacher who leads Bullseye said.

Even the hopeless romantics, and the head-over-heels for each other couples are welcome.

“Nothing really has to be negative,” Mr. Arnatt said.

Although Coffee house usually asks for singers to come out, this night is open mic and non-vocal performances are welcomed.

“People read poetry, play guitar, and even tell jokes and stories.” Mr. Arnatt said.

Even if your not brave enough to get up in front of everybody, or just want to sit down and forget about our heart break their will be two bands playing called Solace and Two Guys On Stools.

Tickets are 3 dollars and the Coffeehouse will be in the Blackbox, so come if you need a distraction or want to show everyone all the pain you feel on stage.

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