“Secret Life” Season Premiere Review

Attention all Secret Lifers, our show is back! The season premiere of Secret Life of the American Teenager aired on Monday, March 26 at 7 p.m. central time on ABC Family’s channel. For those of you who didn’t catch the episode, you can watch it this coming Monday, (ABC Family always plays the previous week’s episode the hour before the new one) or here’s the recap:

(The show is set on the day after everyone attended the Senior party at Jessie’s house by the lake.)

Ben talking to Dylan, image courtesy of abcfamily.com

Do you all remember Dylan, Ben’s new love interest? Well in the beginning of this show, they talk for hours– literally almost the whole day. When Dylan’s Mom hears her talking on the phone, once Dylan hangs up, she comes into her room and asks all these questions; Was that a boy? What’s his name? Did he ask you out? (Which he did not.) etc. When she finds out that her daughter was on the phone with Ben Boykewich and learns of all his past drama, she gets concerned. On the other end of the line, Ben’s Dad comes in and asks him who he was talking to, and if he was going to ask her out. At first, Ben says he’s not planning on asking her out anytime soon, but his Dad convinces him to do so. Back in Dylan’s room, while she’s still talking to her Mom debating whether Ben’s a good guy or not, he calls her and asks her out, making plans to pick her up at seven that evening.




Adrian and Grace, image courtesy of abcfamily.com

Over at Grace’s house, she gets a phone call from Daniel, with him apologizing for leaving her at the party. She goes on to say that it’s okay, and they make up, making plans to go out that night.¬†Next, Adrian calls Daniel, asking him to talk to Omar for her, since he hasn’t been answering her phone calls. (She called him 27 times… in a period of about maybe two hours. Scary.) He agrees to talk to him for her as Omar walks in, so he quickly gets off the phone, leaving Adrian wondering what just happened. Back at Grace’s house, she comes downstairs to leave on her and Daniel’s date, but finds him in a not-so-date-ready mood. Remember the moment at the party when Daniel left her there that Jack kissed her? Well, after asking what’s wrong, she finds out that his ex-girlfriend, Raven (who had shown up-uninvited- at the party) has sent him a picture of that exact moment, so he breaks up with her. Upset, she heads over to Adrian’s. Jack hears them break up and gets excited, thinking him and Grace should get back together, but Grace’s Mom tells him otherwise. Soon after Grace gets to Adrian’s, Adrian gets a text message from the guy she was seeing before Omar… his brother, Dante. He says that he’s coming over to see her. Freaking out, she asks Grace what to do: lie and not say anything about Omar, or tell the truth, and Grace says what she always has- tell the truth. When he gets there, she goes to another room while Adrian tells him what happened. We don’t get to see the part where he responds to what he says, but what we do get to see is Adrian telling Grace that “honesty is not always the right thing to do- lying is!” so we can pretty much figure out what happened. Then Adrian convinces Grace to ask her Mom if she can attend summer school and live with Adrian so they can keep an eye on each other and “stay away from boys,” like that’s ever going to happen.

Amy tells Ricky, Nora, and her parents that she’s in no hurry to get married- she wants to at least finish high school first. This leaves Ricky confused, because he thought that Amy would want to get married right away- after all, that’s what she’s been asking for for a very long while now. Surprisingly, Ashley comes home early, and reveals to everyone that she got accepted into college…. in Florida.

Ashley's argument, image courtesy of abcfamily.com

Making a smart remark how she’s still smarter than Amy, they get into a fight, which prompts Amy to tell her about Nora renting out her room. Ashley runs over there and Nora says she’ll leave, but Ashley says she doesn’t have to; she’s not staying anyway.

Then, Alice tells Ben that Henry slept with Adrian, and Ben doesn’t take it well. He cancels his date with Dylan and tells Henry to come over. When he gets there, Ben chews him out while he tries to apologize, but Ben won’t have it- he says the friendship is over.

Dylan’s friends Mercedes, Wendy, and Raven (yes, Daniel’s Raven) come over, wondering why Ben would cancel their first date; Dylan says she doesn’t know. Raven decides that they’re going to go ask them, so they head over to Ben’s house (Dylan looked it up online). When they get there, Dylan asks him why he canceled, and he invites all of them inside. They’re all sitting in his room talking, when Raven asks Ben if he’s ever smoked pot. Ben answers no, and Dylan asks him if he wants to try it. Surprised that she smokes, Ben doesn’t know what to say. Wendy jumps in and says that if he doesn’t want to, he doesn’t have to; she doesn’t smoke either. He says he doesn’t want to smoke, and Dylan asks if he’d mind if they smoke, and Ben eventually gives in. Dylan takes out the pot that she brought to his house, and she smokes it.¬†Unfortunately, Dylan’s parents apparently follow her everywhere, and they ask Mr.Boykewich if they could speak with her. He then leads the parents up to Ben’s room, and they come in. Dylan’s Dad smells pot, and so does Ben’s Dad. When Mr.Boykewich asks Ben what is going on, Ben protects Dylan and says it was all his idea.

And there, my friends, is sadly where our show ends. Want to see what happens? Watch next week’s episode! Also, do you think Amy’s getting cold feet, all of a sudden not being in a hurry? And do you think that Ben should or shouldn’t have stood up for Dylan? Leave a comment with your opinion!

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