Mactober Fest was Legen…..Dary

Crowd at Mactober Fest
Photo by Sarah Morales

Mactober Fest was a Success

If people did not go to Mactober Fest, then they missed out on tons of fun. The courtyard was packed with people and music was blasting on the speaker. People enjoyed the annual festival with food and games and booths.

MacArthur High School held it’s annual ¬†festival on Wed. Oct. 24 to honor the week of homecoming. It was held in the courtyard which featured various booths. The booths featured games and goodies like ring toss, fortune teller, cupcake sale, hot dog and sausage wrap sale, a dunking booth, a bounce house, and all sorts of different attractions.

“My favorite part was the food,” Liliana Blanco (11) said. “My favorite food was the corn.”

The festival was followed by the ‘Brahma March’, a parade style event in which most clubs and organizations participate. The march was led through the Regency Place neighborhood adjacent to the school.

“It was fun just hang out with my friends and marching through the neighborhood,” Marceaux Domingue (9) said.

Students enjoyed the amusement of participating in the celebration of MacArthur’s Homecoming Week. Mactober Fest 2012 was truly a memorable event.

“I’ve never seen so much spirit in all my four years at Mac,” Michael Richardson (12) said.

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