Guys and Dolls- Musical Preview

 The streets of New York come to life at night, with gambling men’s cries of disappointment and triumph. They all wish, with one last good luck kiss for the dice, that luck is on their side.

Jan. 24-26., theater is putting on the musical “Guys and Dolls”.  Guys and Dolls showcases the lives of the 50’s gambling New Yorker. The main character, Nathan Detroit, played by Jackson Grosskoph, is a well-known gambler making a last attempt to find a place to “shoot crap” for the boys. When he can’t find the money to rent out the back of a garage, he makes a desperate bet with a popular gambler, Sky Masterson, that for $1000 he could not take a conserved mission doll to Havana with him.

At the same time, Nathan is trying to hide his gambling dream from his fiancé of 14 years Adelaide, played by Kalen Ahart, who mistakenly thinks they are getting married.

“The audience should look out for Adelaide, she kills it,” stage manager Margaret Newton said. “The musical will sure get a laugh”.

Tickets are


  • $8.00 and showtimes are January 24-25 at 7:00pm and on Saturday at 2:00pm and 7:00pm.
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