Spirit Groups Rock Blossom; OSS Performance

Lassies pray before performance
Photo by Maddy Tompkins

One Singular Sensation is an event where all Varsity, JV and freshman dance and cheerleaders go to show off their skills as they prepare for upcoming competition. All schools from NEISD preformed and Mac spirit had two cheer and three dance routines. OSS had over hundreds of spectators came to view teams from all NEISD spirit groups who came to perform a preview of their competition routines.

After weeks and months of practice each team’s routine reflected the work put in.

“The work was worth it” Lassie Megan Alvarado (11) said.

Each group performed an original routine. The girls were given an opportunity to show off all their practice and see the dances of the other schools in the district as well. Each dance had its own style and theme.

“I was glad to show that even though I’m really bad at hip hop that I can actually do it.” Lassie Julie Saenz (10) said.

Spirit group members have the opportunity to be in OSS up to four times and for many this was their first experience performing, aside from football games.

“At first I was really nervous but in the end it was really fun to finally perform,” Bairn Emma Tompkins (10) said.

Many students only see spirit groups as the performers at the football games, but OSS is an opportunity to show the school all their hard work behind the scenes.

Overall it was a great kick off to the competition season.


Varsity cheerleaders practice before OSS
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