Animals are Cool- An Animal Photo Journal

Maya is the resident jaguar at the zoo. She is just like your normal 300 pound house cat with razor sharp claws and teeth that can take down giant boars. She just lies there and sleeps. Photo by Frank Garcia

Hey, he looks like my cat when she is tired. This lion may be full size, but he just like all high schoolers, a teenager. Imagine going to class with a 400 pound lion as your science partner. Photo by Frank Garcia

Oh, gross! This okapi just loves to stick its long, black tongue out to lick its lips. Can you imagine that okapi have tongues a little over half a foot long! That’s insane! Photo by Frank Garcia





Oh, that’s much better. Not so much tongue this time. Unlike what they appear to be, okapi are their own species, not a mix between a giraffe and a zebra. They are cousins of the giraffe, though. you can really see the family resemblance in their horns and tongue. Photo by Frank Garcia
Hey! What are you looking at? This monkey is just getting a nice relaxing grooming while its buddy there gets some nice delicious bugs for snacks. Yummy! Photo by Frank Garcia
Those two birds love just walking around together while that zebra just stands there, staring. And staring. Since it is in the “Watering Hole”, it doesn’t look like it has much interest in anything else but standing and staring. Stop staring! Photo by Frank Garcia
Hey, he’s just lying there! Being the second largest crocodilian in the world, this nile crocodile can afford to lie there and sunbathe. No one is going to mess with this big guy. Photo by Frank Garcia
Hmm, there is something different about this african elephant. Thats because this here is an asian elephant. You can tell by there ears. Asian elephants have much smaller ears than the Dumbo ears that african elephants have. Photo by Frank Garcia
Imagine getting poked by one of those horns! Ouch! Although You hear about poachers killing rhinos for there ivory horns, those horns are not ivory. They are actually made out of a bunch of compressed hair that is pact together so hard that it forms the horns. Photo by Frank Garcia
Hey why are there statues in the tank with all those fish? Those statues are actually dwarf caiman just sitting there and waiting. They stay so still that if you came up on one in the wild, the only thing you would hear would be the hissing before you see it. Photo by Frank Garcia
This big green lizard just seems content on sitting there and bathing in the heat of the lamp. Just look at that smile. Photo by Frank Garcia
Smile for the camera! This gharial is showing its nice pointy teeth that are popping out of its nice, long snout. Don’t smile at the crocodile. Photo by Frank Garcia
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