Spice up your Spring break

If all you are doing during spring break is hoarding food in your dark bedroom, sleeping, or burying yourself  in a laptop, then take a visit downtown for many fun events going on during spring break.

If you’re into the night life, then check out the Lumianaria March 9 which will showcase the arts of the city at HemisFair Park from 7 p.m. to 12 a.m .with the famous lantern release at 12. The festival displays a wide variety of art and food from all over the country.

HemisFair park lights up Downtown San Antonio during Luminaria.
The Botanical Gardens is the perfect place to relax and forget about the world.

If you just want to relax and find an escape from the worries of school, the Botanical Gardens will hold “yoga in the garden” March 12 – 16. Each class will consist of different physical postures and movement, breath work, meditation and relaxation as well as stress relieving techniques. You will also be taught by an experienced teacher to reach goals. The Botanical Gardens will also hold many other events during the spring break week.

If you’re more into music and moshing the bands Chelsea Grin, Woe is Me, Atilla, Crown the Empire and many more will be playing at the White Rabbit on the 14. The White Rabbit also has a killer pizza parlor and smaller shows going on during spring break. March 17 Johnny Craig and Kurt Travis will also be performing at the White Rabbit.

The White Rabbit hosts many shows as shown on their fliers.

If you are not aware already, the San Antonio Museum of Art is open free to the public every Tuesday, as well as the Witte Museum and the McNay.

If you’ve never been downtown, this during spring break it is one of the liveliest times of the year due to tourists and curious people. The attractions downtown are fun and an easy way to cure spring break boredom.

Let your curious side take over this spring break and find new, fun ways to entertain yourself during the day. There is always something going on somewhere, you just have to go out and explore.



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