Mac Attack against the Mavs

Photo by Megan Howell.

Junior varsity soccer player Valeria Licerio (9) plays left mid-field. On Wednesday March 20th they faced the Madison Mavs at Madison.

The girls started off the game with a prayer to give each other hope and Licerio took it as motivation.

“Give everything that I have,” Licerio said. “[I have] to play hard, to not give up, and motivate the whole team.”

The girls worked hard and pushed each other to try and win this game.It was the last soccer game of their season so they wanted it to be memorable. The game ended in Madison’s favor 2-1.

“If it was one persons fault we would take it as a team and not as an individual,” Licerio said. “Because at the end of the game we are a team.”

This soccer season went well for the girls and they are hopeful for a better season next year.


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