UIL Sweeps

The Medal Recieved
Photo by Jacob Dukes

The school’s academic UIL team is currently 3rd place in district as of March 26.

Accounting took second place, Calculator Applications second place, Current Issues first, Mathematics second, and Number Sense first. Students placing first, second, or third will advance to regionals.

Ginanna Parilla – Accounting, 5th

Michael Vaynberg – Calculator Applications, 5th Number Sense 2nd

Dominic Dorsa – Current Issues, 2nd  Pursuasive Speaking,

Mitchel Howard – Current Issues, 5th

Kendall Richey – Informative Speaking, 2nd  Current Issues, 4th

Alyssa Parsons –  Computer Applications, 5th

Jacob Dukes – Editorial Writing, 1st

Sarah Morales- Editorial Writing, 5th

Brea Moore – Informative Speaking 2nd

Brittany Trub – Lincoln Douglas Debate, 3rd

India Nikotich – Literary Criticism, 5th

Tristan Pace – Mathematics 3rd, Number Sense 1st

Jimmy Tran – Number Sense, 4th

Patrick Gibbens – Pursuasive Speaking, 6th

Jenna Keller – Ready Writing, 1st

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