Theater prepares for Eurydice

MacArthur theater is putting a modern day twist on an old classic.

The theater department is starting off the year with new material set in sight. They will be performing a Shakespearean classic, Eurydice, this October. The price of is yet to be announced and it will take place in the black box.

Corbin Schnuriger ,10, plays a character with a slightly different personality.

“I play Lord of the Underworld;” Schnuriger said. “He’s a very nasty character at the beginning but he is interesting.”

These characters take a lot of dedication into learning their parts, Christian Parrish, 12, takes it especially seriously.

“Oh gosh, we have rehearsals 2 hours a day, 5 days a week, and then up to 8 hour rehearsals on the weekend,” Parrish said.  “So that’s 10 [to] 20 hours a week [plus] all the work you do at home, that’s lots and lots of work.”

With all the hard work these students put in, they anticipate a huge turnout at the performances.

“Because it is going to be entertaining and because it’s a modern version of a Shakespeare play, it’s going to be closer to their time so they will understand it a little bit more,” Naomi Bird, 11, said.

Since the production will be held in the black box, it will be a unique experience.

“A black box show is probably a 10 foot by 10 foot performing space and a lot of the times I’ll walk right up to the audience and we’ll be interacting with the [them],” Parrish said. “Not that you have to interact back, but it is just so there. It’s not big and theatrical, it’s kind of like a movie playing out right in front of you.”

With a show that is this up close and personal, there is a lot of pressure on the actors to do their best. So it is only normal to expect a few nerves.

“ No” Bird said. “Not really.”

Without nerves and full of excitement, this cast is dead set on making this show unbelievable and a true experience for the crowd.



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