Beat the Heat in Style; Spring Fashion

Megan Avery sporting her bright cardigan and flower print dress Photo by Maddy Tompkins
Megan Avery sporting her bright cardigan and flower print dress
Photo by Maddy Tompkins

With the weather getting warmer the appropriate outfit of the day is no longer cute sweaters and fashionable boots. With a new season comes all new factors to consider before picking the perfect outfit of the day. Now that Spring is looming, with it comes the hotter temperatures and a new season of styles.

The first item to include in your spring wardrobe is bright colors. With spring in the air bright colors are the perfect addition to any style. No matter what your chosen way of expressing yourself is, bright colors will work seamlessly, and they perfectly reflect the beauty blooming outside.

Another great addition to style is printed shorts. Again no matter what your type, there are tons of prints to reflect any personal style. With the temperatures beginning to rise, every girl needs a perfect pair of shorts to thrown on and go. Printed shorts a fun new option instead of just plain jean shorts.

Thank you to the inventor of another great option, the maxi skirt. A maxi skirt is a great way to look like hours of trying without actually doing so.With such a comfortable design, and light material this skirt keeps you cool, comfortable and cute.

Finally one of the latest trends is a floral pattern. With all different variations it is easy for anyone to choose one that they feel fabulous in. A floral pattern can be represented in many different ways, from skirts to shorts, to shirts and dresses. With so many options an adorable flowery or cool edgy pattern is the perfect way to tie any outfit together.

Whatever new trend you decide to try, what remains most important is finding an outfit to beat the heat.



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