Extra Time: Early Release Deets

Because of teacher work day, students will be released early on Friday, Oct. 9.

“We spend a lot of time in school,” senior Chelsie Eaton said. “Sometimes it’s overwhelming. So getting out a few hours early gives us time for other important things.”

Schedule for the early release day. Photo by: Jalynn Eaton


Students aren’t the only ones who get a chance to catch up with work.

“This early dismissal is a good way for teachers to catch up with grading,” AP Mr. Peterson said. “And anything else they need to take care of.”

For early dismissal 6th period will be cut by 10 minutes and, students won’t attend 7th and 8th period at all.

“I’m happy about missing 7th and 8th period,” sophomore Victoria Flores said. “It makes my day feel even shorter.”

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